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Fishing Game

The Fishing game is certainly one of the most famous games of the 80s and it is a fishing game that stimulates the motor skills and concentration of children. Furthermore, the level of difficulty can be adapted to the age and skill of the players.

The game
The aim of the game has been faithfully reproduced in its original version with 4 players who challenge each other with fishing rods to try to catch as many fish as possible.
The fish are placed on a revolving base and open their mouths alternately in each turn. I made these movements through a mechanism of multiple wheels that turn around a rotation axis and supported by the perimeter circular toothed tracks. All wheels are powered by a logo electric motor. The difference in diameter and the position of the wheels allows for two different speeds, that of the base, which is slower, and that of the mouth of the fish, which is faster. To open the mouth, the fish is pushed up by the ball connectors located both on the wheels (6628) and in the tail of the fish (22484). The two connectors, hitting each other, open the two hemispheres of the mouth on the revolving playing surface.
A 1x1 lego magnet is placed inside each mouth while the other magnet is placed on the line of the fishing rods.

Why I believe this makes a GREAT LEGO set
Because a game that has high mechanical difficulties has been faithfully reproduced. It took me about 2 months to study the combinations of all the moving pieces and create it properly. With its 922 pieces it is sized to have excellent playability and is also decorated to be a display piece in any home.

Support my project and tell others to support too! Thank you in advance for your support! :D

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