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This thomas model is very detailed if the wheels are to far apart to work on tight curves move them closer together but their are pegs in between the wheels they need to be centered between each wheel. If you have any ideas for pumping rods let me know because if you can't think of anything then okay because I might be able to add pumping rods to this thomas. It will have a white front as a sticker. The wheel arches are bow windows they will all have a blue semi-circle sticker on it, except 2 of them will have a red stripe. there will be a sticker behind the number 1 to finish the stripe on both sides of thomas, the red bricks will be covered by a blue rectangle sticker to make them thiner each cab door is 2 pieces so they will be held together by a blue rectangle sticker. The face however will be my own 4x4 lego piece because its hard to do th face correct. It has a removale cab roof. There will be a thin yellow sticker around the big opening to thomas' cab to make the yellow stripe. It does have cab detail, like a firebox, a brake, and speed spedomiters, and water pressure checkers, and a coal shoot. It comes with 2 mini fuigers thomas' diver and firemen, the firemen has a shovel as you can see for shoveling coal. It has couplings on both sides I'm telling you this because you can't see the back of thomas. The whistle is made of real gold but it will be 2 of my own pieecs and they will be held to the cab wall by a brick 1x2 with 2 knobs. It comes with 3 pieces of track to show you that its Lego scale, the track is completely detailed the wooden bars and the gravel. And that's all from this Thomas. I hope you like it. Please support it. Tell me somethings you like about it in the comments. Its Thomas the No. 1 blue tank engine. I built it for kids to play with. This would make a great Lego set because this could be the 1st Lego Thomas ever made into a set. But there will be at least 57 more Lego Thomas products from Michael Habib. Thomas will also have a clip-on snowplow say something fell onto your Lego tracks and you want Thomas to clear it away if it doesn't work add the snowplow.

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