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First Tour Bus


Holy moly, LEGO friends!!
Oh my God, I forgot that completely!
How should the band members come from venue to venue?
Exactly, properly, with a tour bus.
That's why I used my old LEGO version of the four-axle, one-and-a-half decker, Megaliner, Sultana Bus, of the Mexican family company "Trailers des Monterrey" rebuilt, reworked and converted to the tour bus.
So the band members, on the journey from one concert venue to the next, can really relax.
I hope you like him.
This building set idea is thought by me as an extension to the concert Truck.

In this project, my effort was to make the Bus as realistic as possible.
With this model, I would like to enrich the Lego world to enlarge.
So that the little and big kids play with it, or can simply collect it.
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Also commenting like the model.
Keep on building! ;-) * Rock on!!!! *

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