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Exploration of Mars Game

The idea is based on the combination of building up a scene on an extraterrestrial planet and a game of dice for up to 5 players.

Fun is not limited in building up the set, but increased by playing the game afterwards.

The player who reaches the target on top of the hills, at the highest point, wins the game.
Each player has to roll the dice and follows the route of the red and orange tiles. But careful, reaching a orange tile lets you go back two steps (sloped orange tile) or down over the lava stream back to the small bridge at the bottom (round shaped orange tile).
Hitting the hole in the ground, shortly before reaching the target on top of the hills, the small meeple of the player falls into the hole and downwards back to the way of the crossing tiles. There, the only way is straight to the elevator in the tall rock. On top a small bridge leads again to the target on top of the hills.

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