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Ciao, Italy '90 World Cup


"Ciao" is the most iconic and recognizable mascot in the history of the soccer world cup. "Ciao" in Italian means "Hello", one of the most known Italian words in the world.
I think this set best represents all the final stages of the World Cup and every time you look at it you cannot be fascinated and "captured" by its square and slender shape at the same time.

But what does it really represent?

'Ciao' represents an articulated puppet made up of segments which, if broken down, form the word Italy. The puppet's head is instead formed by a balloon, while the name was chosen with a survey. 
The mascot was chosen by a jury of 5 people: designers such as Pininfarina and Zanuso, Franco Carraro (then Minister for Tourism and Entertainment), Armando Testa and the art critic Federico Zeri. Ciao was chosen from over 50,000 proposals that came from all over Italy to the organizing committee for the Italian World Cup, gathering enthusiastic opinions immediately. 
"Ciao" still stands as a different concept of 'mascot' compared to the 'colleagues' of the other world championships: the intent was not only to create a cute animal or puppet, but to achieve a real communicative intent.

Thank you for your interest an "Ciao" to all of you.

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