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Tintin's Seaplane (From the Shooting Star)


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This is my model of a scene from one of my favorite comic books: The Shooting Star. The Shooting Star is from a whole series of comics called The Adventures of Tintin. These have been my favorite comics for years.
        In the story, Tintin is trying to get back into to the seaplane after being trapped on a meteorite sinking in the ocean. I decided to build this scene because it is one of the key parts in the story.
        The seaplane that I built for this model is pretty complex. In the interior, there is room for two minifigures. There’s also the stick that a pilot would use to control the plane. The two minifigures included in this model are supposed to look like Tintin and the pilot. There’s also Tintin’s faithful dog, Snowy. When building the meteorite, I used a lot of dark grey slopes and bricks. Last of all, there is a lifeboat and an oar.
        Anyway, I hope you like this model! Please support it and share it if you like it. I would also love to hear feedback through the comment section. Please also check out my other projects on my profile. Thanks! :-D