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LEGO Endangered - White Rhino


Introducing LEGO Endangered, a creation highlighting endangered species of animal.

The White Rhino.  

The Northern White Rhino shows exactly what can happen when poaching is left unchecked.  Slaughtered by unscrupulous poachers for their valuable horns and for sport, only a handful remain in the entire world - and all of these in captivity. 

Conservationists are now resorting to desperate measures like stem cells and IVF to preserve this subspecies. 

It may be too late for the Northern White Rhino - but there's still time to help other subspecies of rhino. 

With fewer than a thousand eastern black rhino remaining, your support is essential to help us prevent this tragic situation occurring again.

Through this project I would like to help raise much needed funds for the conservation of these beautiful creatures and help put a stop to poaching.  I would love for one of the large conservation charities to get on board with this project.  

I hope you will help me by registering your support and sharing this Idea with as many people as possible.

I think you'll agree this White Rhino would be a very powerful addition to anybodies LEGO collection ;-)

Many Thanks

Thomas Poulsom A.K.A. The LEGO Bird Man

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