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Autumn Arboretum

Autumn is a beautiful time of year which many people and minifigures love to enjoy, and in Bricksburg this is no exception. The local arboretum is a favorite place for minifigures to visit during the fall, because of the old white oak's vibrant colors. Dutifully, Joe the gardener looks after the arboretum's plants, and keeps them well watered. Next door is a renovated Victorian era townhouse that visitors to Bricksburg can rent as a Brick BnB. Getting a reservation here is tough, since this three story home away from home has everything to keep one comfy, as well as photos and news headlines containing Bricksburg history. On the other side of the arboretum lives the cynical old man Brown, who likes to be left alone. He always keeps his townhouse neat and tidy like a homeowner in a cleaning commercial. Despite the grump Brown, the arboretum and its adjacent buildings are a favorite place to visit in Bricksburg.

Many Bricksburg buildings have some greenery, but the arboretum holds most of the town's favorite plants. Adding this slice to your LEGO town will give its minifigures the perfect place to visit and appreciate.

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