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GTS Finnjet (1977)


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GTS Finnjet was a gas-turbine-powered car-ferry connecting Germany and Finland. At the time she was launched in 1977 she was not only the fastest conventional ferry being able to travel at more than 30 knots but also the biggest ever built.

After serving for almost three decades, she unfortunately was scrapped in India in 2008.

Why I built this model

I remember several trips onboard when I was a child which finally ended in becoming one of the founding members of the Finnjet Historical Society. Since I am additionally a big fan of LEGO-bricks it was no question whether to build the ship. However, as time is little it took quite a while until I was able to realize the project.

About the model

My model shows the vessel in its initial livery and without any modifications added over the years in service.

The MOC was created using Studio 2.0. The latest version of the ship consists of 2469 bricks in total. Everything except for the nameplates on the upper deck is brick-built.

Besides the hull it has been very challenging to design Finnjet's distinctive funnels.

Why this would make a great LEGO-set

I think that this would be a great set for ship- and LEGO-enthusiasts as me. Unfortunately, there have only been a few ship-models in the past - e. g. the Maersk Line Triple E (set-no. 10241).

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