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Midi Scale Venator-class Star Destroyer


Being the predecessor of the Iconic imperial Star Destroyer, the Venator-class Star Destroyer is one of the most known and beloved Space vessels from the prequel trilogy of Starwars.

Despite it's immense popularity, LEGO has only produced the ship in 2 different scales in the past:

-2 Microscale sets

-1 Playset(8039)

As an Afol, the playset was disproportionate (because of the play features) and too big for being displayed at workplace (for example on a workdesk), while the microscale models were too small for representing details seen on the ship.

This is why I present to you The Venator in Midi-Scale: a resonably sized, detailed, compact, substantial set that would be ideal for any AFOLs or Star wars fans (or both!) to display on their desk.

More informations about the model:


-Pcs(estimated): 500-700(Stand included)

Preferences when voting:

-Price (recommend): 50$-100$

-Targeted Audience:Adults/Teenagers

-Build Difficulty: Hard

Lastly, thank you for passing by, don't forget to vote and visit my flickr page for more pics, comments and suggestions are also welcomed.



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