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“CAT AND FISH IN LOVE WITH a WOMAN” Inspired by Joan Mirò

The project is inspired by a Mirò' Masterpiece: “CIPHERS AND CONSTELLATIONS IN LOVE WITH A WOMAN”, 1941

I tried to make an Art Postcard that synthesized Miro’s work, representing the most important details: The Black Sun converted in The Black Cat, The Two Black&Red Whales...To join objects with each other: The Black Wire who draw a Fish...A beautiful Abstract Sky as a Beautiful Woman.
Could be seen as the same Mirò’ sky but with a slightly different perspective.
The Idea was born out of necessity: I needed a color map and a guide through the peculiar details to help me in a different work. Lego were really helpful.

Although the Art Postard born out of necessity, this small painting was transformed into a different Idea:
Finding Mirò’s Abstractism in a compact and economical suit, accompanied by a minifigure dedicated to Joan Mirò.
The selected pieces are clearly Lego and all unmodified.
The measuremnt, including the small Art Nouveau frame, are 12x16 dots.
Mirò’s original painting is full of stars: in the Art Postcard I reproduced only 7 stars using the magic of glowing in the dark dots.

Despite its modest dimensions, the painting is an explosion of colors: there are 21 different colors places and set on a brick-yellow background.
The brick-yellow recalls the original painting color, almost similar to a stars map. The other advantage of brick-yellow was in the absorption of reflected light. Both white and the other colors are slightly dulled and all the delicate gradations are better appreciated, especially in the yellows and blues.
In looking for the shades of blue I’ve experimented different overlays, I accidentally found the "murrina effect". It was a beautiful and perfect surprise!!

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