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Magnetic Bumper Cars


It's time to increase speed and hit your opponent, if you manage to dodge the blow you will become a master of the bumper cars. Choose a vehicle, turn on the lights and turn the disco ball, soon the fun will begin.


 One of the great unknowns within the world of fairgrounds revolves around the exact origin of the bumper cars. Some claim that they were invented by Victor Levand, who came to work for General Electric, while others say that the creators were Max and Harold Stoehrer, of Massachusetts.

What is certain is that the Stoehrer brothers were the first to develop the patent for their bumper cars, created the 'Shock Company' at the beginning of the 20th century and brought to light their first model in 1920.

One of the properties of magnets is that they have the possibility of joining  or repelling. If you apply it to this set, there could be two modes, a normal tracking mode, and another crazy mode, where the magnets repel each other looking for their best output.


After this small historical and technical pause, just tell you that the set includes the "Supercar circuit", 8 minifigures, a kitten, a crane and 5 bumper cars.


A set that I think ensures a lot of fun. Thank you very much for the visit, I hope I won your support.


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