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City Community Pool

Welcome to the City Community Pool!

Pack your swimming trunks and head for the city community pool:

  • Park your bike or car in the in-house parking lot and buy a ticket at the reception to pass the turnstile.
  • Jump into your beach fashion in one of the changing booths and store your belongings in one of the lockers.
  • Take the stairs or the elevator to reach the bathing area and take a quick shower before all the fun begins.
  • Climb one of the springboards to take a refreshing jump into the cool wet or slightly slide into it via the smooth pool entrance.
  • Decide which waterslide you want to ride: The tiny one for a quick delight or the mighty one for the maximum adrenaline kick.
  • Hungry or thirsty? No problem, get yourself a little refreshment at the kiosk and relax at the beach chair area.
  • And remember: Always follow the orders of the pool attendant and his crew, they are probably in no joking mood!

Features and Functions:

  • In-house parking lots
  • Complete barrier-free access
  • Multiple lockers and changing booths, also for handicapped people
  • Fully functional and wheelchair-friendly elevator
  • Partially height-adjustable pool area for children's swimming lessons
  • Differently sized springboards and waterslides
  • Kiosk with ice cream parlor and beach chair chill-out area

As far as I can remember, city never really had anything like a community pool where all its inhabitants could enjoy some water fun together, so if you also think that it's finally time to remedy this deficiency of urban life quality, I'd gladly appreciate your support or comment on this little build, my very first project. This said, improvement suggestions of any kind are very welcome too of course!

Thank you very much for your attention and I hope we'll see each other some day at the city community pool
Baron von Barron

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