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The Puppet Theater

Hi, my name is Simone. in this project I brought a very widespread tradition in my country, that is Italy, but also in the world. this tradition was born in Greece. now I will briefly tell you the story.

Puppet History
Puppets are already documented in ancient Greece at the time of Plato's Republic.
With the fall of the Roman Empire, puppeteers brought their shows to churches but especially to fairs and markets all over the continent.
In the meantime these shows have spread all over the world. During the crisis of the 70s, the shows stopped, but after it, the old puppeteers resumed with their shows making a great success.

The project:
There are 9 Minifigures in the project:
  • a balloon seller; 
  • a juggler;
  • a mom;
  • a dad;
  • two guys who photograph and film the show;
  • two children;
  • a girl;
  • the puppeteer (with 6 puppets).
The total pieces are 524. For the Minifigures there are accessories (balloons, puppets, camera, etc.)

I hope you are interested in this set. Support me if you also want this tradition in your home. thanks a lot to everyone.

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