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Medieval Knights House

I built this LEGO house a few years ago. It is among my favorite, so I spiced it up and put it on LEGO Ideas.

I really like the technique of a building that opens up. It lets you look inside with the view of a LEGO minifigure and also lets you play very well with the minifigures. A few LEGO sets can open up like this and I hope LEGO will make another set with this technique.

Even knights don't always live in a castle, or they have there own house inside the castle walls. Here the knight can rest and live with his family before he goes into his next battle.

The Build
  • Architecture: the bottom floor has stone corners and window frames, the top floor wooden struts and window frames and a small tower.
  • Interior: kitchen, fireplace and table on the bottom floor, a fancy queensized bed, enough beds for all and a night stand on the top floor.
  • Minifigures: father (Knight), mother child.

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