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Triton Team: the Garbage Aliens


This well-prepared team of garbage aliens is ready to get rid of space debris and keep your galaxy clean! 

Their machines include a Space Garbage Truck and two Space Garbage Walkers.

  • The Space Garbage Truck comes with a powerful claw to lift trash bins and dispose them on the back of the vehicle. Furthermore, the front of it has special saws to slice big pieces of garbage; there are also two flick-fire missiles to break apart resistant debris, the projectiles are launched by pressing a special button on the back of the truck.
  • The Space Garbage Walkers are designed to collect delicate and tiny pieces of debris with their precise arms. Moreover, they have special sonic weapons to keep away rats and other disgusting creatures.  

The Triton Team is formed by one of the most organized species in the universe, and if we analyze them carefully, we may notice some interesting characteristics.

  • They have a long neck formed by a 1x1 Lego tube brick and a curious head that descends from their Minifigures series 3 Space Alien ancestors.
  • Since they are amphibious, their torso are worn by special diving suits from the early Lego Atlantis minifigures and typical shoulder protectors from Lego Star Wars sets.

As we can see, they already got some waste to collect.

  • Three spaceship spare parts (1x1 metal-gray studs).
  • Five space chicken wings (Lego bones).
  • A stinky cyber fish (metal-gray Lego fish).

The Triton Team thanks you for supporting their cause for a cleaner galaxy!

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