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No Man’s Sky Sentinel Drone

Former game of the year No Mans Sky has something for every gamer and no character or machine is more recognizable than the Sentinel drone. Little is known of the Drones history as it is shrouded in mystery and lore. In later updates players were able to keep a drone as a companion and hopefully you will too one day. It is a very sturdy build and very modular and can be taken apart easily and without fear of breaking. It measures 9 1/2” tall, 14” long with lasers and 8”-9” wide if the wings are raised.
The drone comes complete with a high power long range antenna, thrust vectoring with active flame, dual lasers and high density roll cage. Lastly the drone comes equipped with a scanning beam to track minerals and deposits that lights up when the flame is pushed in slightly. I love the game and Lego and would like to see it be the first NMS set.

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