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No Man’s Sky Sentinel Drone With LED Scanner

Former game of the year No Mans Sky has something for every gamer and no character or machine is more recognizable than the Sentinel drone. Little is known of the Drones history as it is shrouded in mystery and lore. In later updates players were able to keep a drone as a companion and hopefully you will too one day. The No Mans Sky community is one of the best gaming groups out there everyone helps others, people share knowledge and friends are made. I view this Lego set as my thank you to the developers and players alike. Please take the 30 seconds to create a sign in and support the project and please share and tell 5 friends thank you.
The drone makes a good shelf or display piece and looks great against landscape backgrounds.

We all love minifigures and these are two on my favorites. The set will include x1 Anomaly class traveler, x1 micro sentinel drone and x1 Signal Booster
Light Up LED (Danger)
The Sentinel Drone also lights up when under distress or on patrol mode. The lights are easily accessible and take very little pressure to activate.
(The Drone has been updated recently these videos are only used to show the mechanics of the light up feature).

Finally, the Drone comes with a "stand" for display

Dimensions 14” Long x 9 1/2” tall x 8” wide

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