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prOWLS - Personal Reconaissance Operational Weapons Legion


Introducing: prOWL - Personal Reconnaissance Operational Weapons Legion.

This all started out with a challenge I set myself and my son. We had been given 6 random set bags with identical pieces in each bag. The brief was to build something using as many pieces as possible from 1 bag each. The result was  prOWL!

Defend the galaxy!

This is a prOWL squad featuring 4 prOWL armoured walkers. Each unit is a heavily armoured single person transport system. They have a tough body-shell armour system and are equipped with R.E>PEL shockwave weaponry. prOWL units patrol planetary systems and keep the bad guys at bay!

Squad features 2 Pack Leaders and 2 Blue9s or 'Blue Niners'.

Pack Leaders -

Tough and disciplined, dressed in blue fatigues and sporting Toxi-Gen respirators and silver Shock Helmets. Pack Leaders are the elite of the elite!

Blue9s -

Also known as 'Blue Niners' as they seem to have 9 lives, these guys are a mysterious tough warrior class who keep their identities firmly hidden. Heroic and dependable, they know how to get the job done.

Each prOWL is individual to its rider and has it's own subtle but distinctive look.

So, what are you waiting for - give it your vote and you can own one to!!!



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