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The Fort


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What is it:
This Ideas Project represents an classic wild west fort, I call it the "Fort Empire" ;)

Why did I build it:
I build it because I loved to play with cowboys and indiana. When I was a little child I had a big wild west fort and loved it, I played hours and hours with it. Also I built my own fortress several times with Lego and let my imagination free space.
Also I watched al lot of Western movies, which inspired a lot. Moreover I costumized myself as cowboy or Indiana a lot, when I was younger.

Why does it make a great Lego Set.
This Set could make a great play Set because you can add a lot of details and play features, which make this awsome for kids, it would have been for me. Also a lot of AFOL would like to see an comeback from the western them and the would be a nice re-entry ;)

Facts about the Set
This Set has a courtyard, prison, two watchtowers, a conference room with a big balcony, a cannon, a lot of minifigures accessoires and the sheriff´s bedroom.

Piece Count: ca. 2030pcs
Minfigures: 6 (+2 skelets)
Animals: 2 Horses (1 black and 1 tan)
1 Spider
1 Rat
Costumize Parts: 10 parts

  • Sheriff
  • 3 officer
  • Lady
  • Prisoner

The Set was build in and re-edited in photoshop

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