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Vintage Newsstand


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This proposal is a tribute to the old newsstands that are becoming increasingly rare in our cities. These spaces are points of attraction in any park or square in the centre of big cities, where you can find almost anything.
This idea includes a typical scene of any place where we can find them, including also decorative flowerpots and the necessary fountain for hot days.
I have included several items such as magazines, brochures, maps, postcards and other typical elements of a newsstand, as well as an interior full of details. You can even find magazines with minifigures.

The newsstand also includes its advertising place and, of course, air-conditioning to resist long hours, especially in summer and heat waves.
The construction includes movable parts, such as the retractable press panels and the canopy, which can be folded up completely.
Vintage Newsstand is perfect to include with any construction (LEGO Creator or LEGO City) and because of its size and complexity, it is very accessible for any age.
To create some of the items I have been inspired by my city. Do you know which one it is?

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions!
I hope you like it!

Size: 25.6 X 25.6 x 14.95 cm // 10.07 x 10.07 x 5.8 in.

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