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Microscale Rocket Launch


This is a microscale scene in which a rocket is being launched from a launch pad next to a rocket control building. The rocket is a very simple vehicle made of a 2x4 plate with a rocket on it. It has a small tail wing attached to the four studs on the back of the 2x4 plate with a transparent blue round 1x1 plate as a small one-man space capsule between its four studs. The launchpad is a simple three-brick-tall tower on a 4x6 plate with two studs to connect to the rocket so the rocket can easily disconnect from the launchpad. The rocket control building is a simple four-story building with two antennae and a blue beacon on it. There is one window on each story looking out at the rocket on the launchpad. The rocket control building and the launch pad with the rocket on it are both placed on an 8x16 plate.

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