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Bionicle: The Return - Toa Alizuo


I understand that there is a lot of evidence indicating that Bionicle is coming back next year. Even so, I'd like to finish what I started.

War is spreading across Spherus Magna, as the Unknown and the resurrected Teridax are performing their campaign of revenge. Heroes, both new and old, arise to meet this force in the darkest battle of Bionicle history.

One of these new heroes is a female Toa of Air, Toa Alizuo. Her weapons are two wings of her pet Guko bird, who was killed defending her from a Skakdi. She uses these swords in remembrance of her sacrifice. Alizuo also has a Rode, a Mask of Truth. But instead of wearing it on her face, she fears it makes her look like a man, and therefore places it on her shoulder as shoulder armor till she needs it.

She is a part of Tahu's expedition team, as they went to explore the world Mata Nui renewed. However, she couldn't wait to get home. But when she saw the escalating war, she knew she wouldn't get the welcome home party she expected.


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