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Bob's Jetpack Store

Many items are available in most modern supermarkets, but jetpacks have always been an item that have rarely been available in most stores. However, this changed with the debut of Bob's Jetpack Store, run by Jetpack Bob, a mechanic fascinated by the incredible invention that is the jetpack. Jetpack Bob and his kid Bob Jr. build, sell, and repair jetpacks at Bob's Jetpack Store, their family-run corner store, as well as their newly established jetpack stand, Bob's Jetpack Stand.

This set idea features Bob's Jetpack Store, Bob's Jetpack Stand, Jetpack Bob's jetpack repair kit, a double-sided ground sign, eight jetpacks (including a jetpack for Moe the Dog), five minifigures, and one dog. The largest brick-built jetpack has a transparent stand, but this can be used to hold up a character using any of the other jetpacks.

(Note: Behind the counter is a picture frame, and the picture inside it shows Jetpack Bob as a kid receiving his first jetpack on his birthday, sparking many years of fascination with jetpack aviation.)

I first built this as part of a larger MOC a while ago, but I later decided to work on it some more and add on to it to put on LEGO Ideas.

I think that Bob's Jetpack Store is a good candidate to become a LEGO set because of its intrigue and novelty. A corner store that sells and repairs jetpacks is an idea that's never been made as a LEGO set before, and I think that it would be unique and interesting as a LEGO set.

More details about this set idea can be found by looking at the attached photos.