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The Crypto Museum


Welcome to the Crypto Museum, home to a fantastic collection of artifacts!

This Lego building is a model of a museum that people around the world go to view. And a sight it is! This building opens up (there's a hinge on the end so you can view it from the inside) to a two-story building filled with an assortment of ancient objects, including runes, goblets and gold! This complex design also comes with:

  • A model of an ancient face
  • Compatibility with other Lego sets (you can slot this in with the bike shop and cafe to make an entire street)
  • 2 mini figures- the owner and a little kid

This build is also good education-wise. Crypto Museum has lots of tricks around building structure so that while building this design, builders will be able to see how to get past problems they might be facing in another Lego build they are attempting from copying, or doing something similar to, this design. The Crypto Museum also looks good, so you can stick it on your shelf or somewhere to admire.

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