Palazzo Madama, Turin, Piedmont - ITALY

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Palazzo Madama, standing in the centre of Piazza Castello, is one of the symbols of Turin. It's the first of a series of projects which could be sold during the event "TURIN 2015 European Sports Capital".

This is my first project. An other monuments which I transformed into LEGO Architecture models is the Mole Antonelliana (
I research every details from real monuments; for this reason I changed more times the photos in this project, but finally I concluded it.
I invite You to compare my project with the real monument, to post a lot of comments and also to support my projects.

For more information I invit You to visit official websites:

Thanks to my supporters!
About my projects:
With my projects for LEGO Architecture Series I want to promote the tourism in my city (Turin) during the event "Turin 2015, European Sports Capital"
About my dreams:
I would like to work for LEGO factory, but today It's a dream and I hope that tomorrow It will be a reality.
About me:
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Thanks to all!

Palazzo Madama - Front view.

Palazzo Madama - Left view.

Palazzo Madama - Back view.

Palazzo Madama - Aereal view.