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Gimli Display Stand


Gimli Display Stand

This is a small stand for portraying the Lord of the Rings figure Gimli for decoration. It is the second case I have made for a Lord of the Rings minifigure, the first being Legolas which you can check out on my profile. It is a simple cave of black rock with gems, gold and silver, imbedded in the walls. Overall it only took about an hour to build and only contains somewhere around 100 pieces.

Favorite Parts/Challenges

My favorite part of this build is the gems, silver, and gold imbedded in the walls. It was challenging to make due to the lack of black side stud pieces I had so I has to be a little creative. For example in one place I used a brick with axle holes and put the studs upside-down in the holes.

Other Notes

  • Be sure to check my profile to see a forest display case for Legolas!
  • All bricks are available in the colors used in this model.

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