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Armored Defense Corps.

Enjoy sci-fi, but tired of generic space ships? This is as gritty as Lego gets!

Set includes, three Defenders (heavy infantry, mech pilot, tank pilot) and their respective crafts.
All vehicles have been shaped to fit the standard Lego mini-figure with the mech being similar to an actual exo suit (slimming!)
The decals will be changed and much of the color was decided by what pieces I had access to, also, NO BALL JOINTS!!. If you like the design and want to make it a reality, show you support and click that big green button above.
I'll also try to post instructions, hopefully as a video how-to (in a week or two).
Lets see if we can get it to 100!

1/4/2012: 50 Supporters
Thank you all for the support!

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