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Little Town Emergency Ambulatory


My project was born out of an idea of ​​building a LEGO Town, so I thought: how can citizens of my LEGO Town live happily and with no thoughts or dangers?
The solution: to build an emergency surgery facility to cure any illness or to help people in case of injury or accident ...
here's the idea ... a small emergency clinic consisting of:
- acceptance with waiting room,
- 2 medical surgeries
- 1 stretch bar for urgent red codes
- 1 covered area for ambulance landing
- 1 radio antenna for communications

the waiting room with chairs and a tv screen for entertainment and call to visit the patients.
the structure is fitted with a roof and a rear wall that can be opened to see the interior and be able to play freely.
unfortunately due to the absence of signals I could not put dangerous road signs and ban on access to the ambulance area exit and to put the sign with "emergency surgeries" written above the front door and various other details about the absence of bricks on the LDD program.
As far as the ambulance is concerned, it is possible to integrate it with an already existing set on the market.

the set consists of 727 bricks

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