Product Idea

Modular TV News Station

~~How do your minifigures get their news? For my first Ideas submission (and Digital Model) is an idea that I hold close to me and something I always wanted whenever I planned my cities, a News Station. I have experience in this experience doing my school's morning announcements and have based some of those experiences in here. The exterior is kind of slapdash as I was more so focusing on getting everything necessary in the interior. However the red brick wall and tanned columns were inspired by the WPXI Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which I always found to be a beautiful building so I based my design on that. On the first floor there is a lobby with a front desk and a wall displaying awards won by the station. Among the area is also an enclosed bathroom featuring a sink and a toilet. The crowning jewel of the first floor has to be the newsroom itself. Featuring 6 computers, various newspapers and even more award in the form of statuettes, this is the brain center of where an informative broadcast is made. Up the stairs to the second and final floor, there are two cameras, a green-screen and a news desk ready to go on the air. Further along is the control room, where engineers and editors help bring the images and words to it's audiences. Amongst the ceiling here are 3 adjustable spotlights. Finally on the roof there is an escape hatch to the second floor for the engineers to inspect the tower containing the satellite to broadcast it to the main tower. The minifigure count is 11 and total number of pieces is 1,232. I hope you would enjoy this model as I enjoyed making it and please feel free to leave a comment! I will occasionally update with more pictures and information. Until then, Happy Broadcasting!