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The Castle of the Lions

My Lord, my Lord !!! The Lions are back !!

Hello to you who read this text, i present to you my castle of the Lions, I tried to build a castle which is aesthetically beautiful but which is also playable and modular for the youngest.

This castle can be opened to become more imposing and show you its interior. It has many rooms, a basement with a prison, a weapon room, a reserve of wine to celebrate the victories, in the tower you will find a magic laboratory, a kitchen, and a very nice ghost. Finally, you will find the throne room where the king prepares his plan to conquer the world, some will also discover a secret treasure room.

This set contains 2999 pieces, it was difficult to decide between an imposing and complete castle and interior fittings, so I hope you will enjoy my choices.

I am passionate about the middle ages, my goal is to make a complete village. If you too are passionate about legos castle, I invite you to watch and support my other creations.

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