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Switch Racers

Out of all of LEGO's racing themes, Drome Racers and Power Racers are definitely my favourites. The insanity of them always grabbed my attention when I saw them on the shelves of my local toy store. With their huge wheels, superchargers and spoilers my collection of LEGO Racers have always - and always will have - a very proud space in my collection.

LEGO's current racing theme, Speed Champions, are great models, and are also great fun to collect, but I'd really like to see another racing theme in LEGO's range that isn't licensed, and is based off an original idea. 

That's where my theme, Switch Racers, comes in. Like a lot of the Power Racers, Switch Racers come with their own unique launchers, giving them an added level of play. Their style and design also pays homage to Drome and Power Racers with their outlandish and radical aesthetics and proportions.

But their launchers and styling aren't their main features. Their main feature lies in their name. These vehicles can split in half, and reconnect with other parts from other vehicles. This gives an even more sociable and interactive play experience, as the users can trade vehicle parts with each other, and use their imagination to build wacky and crazy vehicles, and then race them to see which combination is the fastest.

Each vehicle contains between 68 and 88 pieces, and the launchers contain around 30 pieces (32 if you include the custom elastic band elements, which I will design and upload in an update).

This set is a Switch Racers starter pack, and includes all 3 vehicles shown, complete with their respective launchers. This set therefore contains a grand total of 323 bricks. The vehicles will be compatible with other stand alone Switch Racer sets, which will follow shortly. 

I hope you like the idea of this set. I think Switch Racers would make a fantastic theme, both as a collectable item and as fun toys.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and support



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