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Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Ice Cream Truck

I would like to present this iconic vehicle. This is the famous Bud Spencer Ice Cream Truck. It appeared in the well-known scene where Terence Hill was asking for an ice cream from Bud Spencer. Who wants to serve him, but Terence is constantly asking for pistachio which he ran out that flavour. I watched their movie all the time when I was young, and this scene really stuck in me. I think a lot of people instantly recognize this movie when they see the ice cream truck, since it is so iconic to the movie. I am sure so many fans of them would be eager to ser this vehicle in LEGO form, including myself.
I tried to recreate the paint / stickers that the truck had into the LEGO vehicle itself, and I aso included a version without them. I Hope you will like it as much as I enjoyed the building and creating process!

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