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LEGO Friends' Gyro Drop

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The girls of LEGO Friends need more excitement and here they go to the Gyro Drop (or Falling Machine).

It is a 10-seater gyro drop powered by a motor and remote control (optional). Yet it does not merely operate with electricity – it operates with the magic of magnet!!!

Safety to the girls is always the utmost concern!!!

The carriage may fall at an alarming speed but the girls won’t feel any shock when they come to the lowest point. The carriage cannot reach the floor – the magnets underneath helps to float the carriage!!!

At the same time (when they come to the lowest point), the girls won’t feel any vibration as the magnets sideway help to stable the carriage.

How to take away or put a girl onto the gyro drop? The answer is simple enough...
Please don't be curious about how much safety the seat can give the girls. You may find the answer by watching the movie clip attached below. They won't get any brain damage.

(Bottom right) The carriage only has minimal contact with the stand, so that it can fall very smoothly.

(Top right) The girls' feet are exposed to feel the breeze when they feel the excitement.

Check this Gyro Drop out!!! Watch the movie and see how it works!!!

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