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Wallace and Gromit: Anti-Pesto Van


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This LEGO set is based on the 2005 film Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. In this adventure the pair run a pest removal service known as Anti-Pesto. They travel around in a modified Austin A35 van which carries all the tools needed to catch the local pests - rabbits.

Wallace and Gromit was one of my favourite film series growing up. I really enjoyed the contraptions they created and how they applied them to the unique collection of vehicles they had. With this Lego model I have tried to stay true to the original design from the movie whilst also adding additional features for playability.

For the chance to see the Wallace and Gromit: Anti-Pesto Van become an official Lego set, please click the support button and share on social media. If the goal of 10,000 supporters is met, it will have the chance to become a real Lego set.    

  • Roof can detach which allows easy access to the front and rear compartments.
  • Hood can also detach which reveals the hand mechanism. Turning the gear on the side rotates the hand upright. It can hold the lasso which is stored in the rear compartment.
  • The driver, passenger and rear door can all open.
  • Various tools are stored in the rear compartment which can be equipped to the Wallace and Gromit minifigures to help them catch the rabbits. These tools include a large net, lasso and two rabbit grabbers.
  • Stand to display the minifigures.

Set Information:
  • Number of pieces: 406
  • Length: 187mm (7.4")
  • Width: 77mm (3.0")
  • Height: 97mm (3.8")

Thank you for your time and support.

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