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Space Western Saloon - QUASAR RANGERS

The Space Western Saloon is part of a colony founded by the classic space astronauts and left to fend for itself. Victor Quasar and his mechanic Sally "Screwball" return to defend this colony and its sought after natural crystals from the notorious alien outlaws, The Coyote Gang.

  • The set features a detailed interior, complete with an atrium, a bar, and a room for rent upstairs. Outside, there is a mine where a Mountain-Man Android digs for crystals.

  • The set also comes with a few mini builds, including Sally's handmade robot Cheyenne, a water purifier, and hover bikes for both Victor Quasar and a Coyote Gang member.

  • Seven minifigures are included: Victor, Sally, Sheriff Brody, The Bartender, the mining Android, and three Coyote Gang members.

  • The last picture features more detailed/unique mockups I drew for the main characters. Victor Quasar is a former classic space astronaut turned cowboy, and serves as the protagonist. His mechanic, the eccentric Sally "Screwball" tunes his hover bike, as well as backs him up in a firefight. Sheriff Brody is the wizened old sheriff, good hearted but stuck in his ways.

I had a lot of non-LEGO inspirations for this set, like Cowboy Bebop and Wild Guns on the SNES, but at its core, this is my love letter to the LEGO space themes of my childhood. The set features a few references to themes like Space Police, Blacktron, and obviously Classic Space. As a kid, I always latched onto "the green guy" whenever there was a color-coded team in a LEGO set. Making the main character of this set the green astronaut is my way of giving the green guy the spotlight he deserves!

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