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LEGO Live!


Theatre have been part of our different cultures since ancient times (V-VI B.C.), as well as opera and concerts (XVI A.C.)

When stagings come to you as your favourites, LEGO Live! is a great choice. 

I want to offer up this project to everybody who’s engaged in any way to live performance productions, as theatrical or musical, including those future writers, designers, producers, and everyone else who loves to entertain others with incredible live acts, as in Broadway musicals! 

The main idea is to create a LEGO Live! set integrating minifigures, set illumination, dialogues and music, so you will be able to play out your favourite stories or create your own ones. LEGO Live! is designed to give you the opportunity to build and create your own shows (opera, musicals, rock bands, etc.)

Family and friends will enjoy hours and hours preparing and presenting theater plays, musicals, and rock band concerts.


  • Customizable stage with motors, timers, cables, and plates to support characters on stage.

  • Three different stage designs (like posters) for mounting on the black wall as the back scenario:

    • Big screen and lights, as in a rock band concert.

    • A living room, as in a theatrical play, musical or opera.

    • A town central plaza, as in a theatrical play, musical or opera.

  • 1 drum set, 1 guitar, 1 bass, 1 piano, and four microphones.

  • 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 sofa.

  • Stadium benches.

  • Backstage area with furniture.


  • 1 Main actor.

  • 1 Main actress.

  • 2 Secondary actors.

  • 2 Secondary actresses.

  • 1 Candy vendor.

  • 1 Beverage vendor.

  • 3 Security guards.

  • 1 Orchestra director.

  • 8 Orchestra musicians.

  • 2 Camera guys.

  • 1 Console controller guy.

The basic set features approximately 2,500 bricks.

Please, if you are fan of theatre, live spectacles and performances, hit support and share this project on your social media so we can get to our 10k vote goal and be able, when the time comes, to be producers of our own live shows! 

Be sure to stay posted for updates and thank you very much!

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