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Pikmin series

Realize the lego set wouldn't actually look like that, just similar. Also sorry for bad quality screenshot.
The Pikmin series is creative, large and fun. Pikmin is not too well known, but is growing in popularity, especially with the 3rd game coming out. With LEGO there are so many possibilities. There could be sets for all of the games, different enemies, pikmin, captains, ships, locations, onions and more. If done right Pikmin LEGOS could be amazing. They would be fun to build, and fun to play with. Imagine have an Olimar with a large army of pikmin walking through an environment full of different creatures searching for a lost ship part, or a valuable alien treasure. I beleive many people would enjoy having Pikmin LEGO sets and I believe its a good idea. PLEASE SUPPORT IF YOU WANT A PIKMIN LEGO SET!

Here are some possible parts of sets:


S.S. Dolphin (Plus Ship parts)

Onions of course

Olimar and Louie

I guess no more images, but again there could be the Hocotate ship, president, more enemies, pellet posies, and more.

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