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StarCraft 2 Protoss Mothership


Main description

Since Blizzard have released the last copy of the Starcraft trilogy, I wanted to make something to honor the game. I thought the Protoss mothership was the best way to go since they are one of the most powerful ships in the Starcraft universe. For this build I used 1554 pieces mostly painted warm gold. I am really happy with the final design even though it only took me 3 days to build. I hope you enjoy and support this project.


The Protoss Mothership was first designed as an exploration vessel, but was later converted into a military command ship when they came under serious threat from the Zerg. The ship is extremely powerful, with capabilities that include time distortion, being able to teleport an entire army to any base, and making any nearby units invisible to the naked eye. After the war Motherships were in few supply, so any ships that survived were sent to the farthest reach of space where their crew are kept in stasis.

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