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The Secret Agent's House


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Why did I build it?

Who doesn't dream of becoming a secret agent and accomplishing perilous missions with a multitude of weapons? But it should not be forgotten that a secret agent remains a human being, so he owns a house and a family. This set makes you discover a family house built on a rock. Seemingly normal ...

The description:

1) Entrance and first floor.

You reach the house by a wooden staircase going up the hill and which also leads to the small vegetable garden. On the first floor is the kitchen, the dining room and a bookcase which can swivel to go to the secret basement.

2) Basement.

When he comes down the stairs, the father becomes a secret agent! On his desk, he starts by looking for information and projects his missions on a big screen in front of him. He then enters the laboratory part where he prepares potions to put his enemies to sleep. He must then equip himself with the appropriate weapon. Before leaving, he checks the condition of his car. Finally, he opens the camouflaged door in the hill and goes on a mission.

3) Second floor.
On the second floor we find the living room, the cat food, the bathroom, a terrace and a box containing toys.

4) Third floor and roof.

On the top floor there are only the two bedrooms for parents and children. On the roof we can see a large chimney of normal appearance but that's without counting the secret antenna which is used by the agent to receive his missions without any risk of being intercepted.

I will support all creations of the first person who will indicate the location of the Easter egg on the photos in the comments.

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