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ULA Delta IV Heavy


With 70 meters high and being the third most powerful rocket in history, the
Delta 4 Heavy has a great load capacity and an impeccable flight history.

The rocket has a height of 70 cm and with 1367 pieces you can recreate your favorite launches or change the boster core commo and convert the Delta 4 Heavy by a  Delta IV Medium

The features include:
  - 2 Air-dynamic helmets with space for useful load
  - Separation of solid booster rockets (CBC)
  - Separation  of the second stage (DCSS)
  - 4 booster rockets (GEM)

More than half a meter high, this delta 4 heavy is in scale for the Lego Saturn V, and would be the perfect companion piece.

Please share and comment so that others know about this project to make this a reality that you can take home and build!

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