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Space Police IV: Blacktron Pursuit

Space Police IV: Blacktron Pursuit
In a gorge on the surface of a distant mining planet on the edge of the galaxy, a Blacktron commando attempts to complete his solo mission by stealing some powerful energy crystals from the Space Police with the help of his two Spyder-class RBUs (Robotic Battle Units). However, he didn't realize that a Space Police heavy foot soldier on a Wolverine-class HPS (Heavy Patrol Speeder) was checking out the area, until bolts from the speeder's front mounted laser cannons came zipping around his head. Frantically, he orders his RBUs to hold off the officer while he tries to escape with the precious energy crystals before Space Police backup arrives. Will the Blacktron commando escape, or will he fall into the hands of Intergalactic Justice? Only you can decide by making this a reality when you support this project.

My Ideas project includes
·  Space Police Wolverine-class HPS (Heavy Patrol Speeder)
·  Blacktron Spyder-class HRBU (Heavy Robotic Battle Unit)
·  Blacktron Spyder-class LRBU (Light Robotic Battle Unit)
·  A terrain build, including a section of gorge with some exposed crystals, lava at the bottom, and a clear
stand for repulsorlift type vehicles (like the included HPS)
·  A small crate for transporting energy crystals
·  Space Police heavy foot soldier
·  Blacktron commando

Thanks for taking the time to look at my project, and please support.

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