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Dice Tower and Box


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If you are a fan of table-top or role-playing games and a fan of LEGO then this is a set for you! A functional dice tower and dice storage box made entirely of LEGO. Have fun putting this together, proudly display it once you are done, and make use of it when gaming with your friends and family! 

I have a love of functional and decorative LEGO sets and thought this idea would make a great addition to the LEGO product line. 

The tower is built around a large spiral staircase surrounded by panels. There is an opening at the top for a player to drop their dice into. The dice then rolls down the staircase and comes out in a courtyard at the base of the tower. The courtyard is enclosed to keep the dice from escaping. The inside of the tower is built to force the dice to roll down the stairs, and they are directed right out the door at the bottom. Thanks to gravity and design they won't get stuck inside. 

Not only can you use this tower while actively gaming, you can also use the spell book themed box to store your favorite sets of dice in. The box is hinged and opens/closes exactly like a book. It is also large enough to store several sets of dice or other gaming accessories you might keep with your dice. What better way to combine a love of gaming and a love of LEGO. 

If you think this would make a great LEGO product please share with your friends and family to help gather support!

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