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Lego Big Hero 6 Hiro's Lab


This is a simple set based of the new movie Big Hero 6. The items that are included in this set are:

1. Hiro Hamada figure

1. Baymax figure

1. Lab

10. Baymax armour pieces

The Baymax is buildable and accesorizable and playable. There are many points of articulation on it and is able to stand on any surface that is flat. The figure is in scale with the minifig so he doesnt seem to big or too small.

The Lab section features two computers, two generation stations for 3d printing, computer chair and two tables.

This set is set to portray the scene in the movie where HIro Hamada upgrades Baymax. The set would cost any where in the range of $10 - $30.

The figure for hiro Hamada is just a prototype there will be some upgrades needed for the figure, same with the baymax figure.


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