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Center of Interstellar Cargo

I remember making a smaller ship that I said was the cargo spaceship for the G-2 Headquarters, so I've made the CENTER of cargo. Basically the mothership is not a headquarters, but it will be the cargo ship. I also added an interesting color which is light blue with golden rods on some places. I thought this combination of color is going to be unique, because I don't usually see spaceships that uses those colors. 

As always, this has over a 1000 pieces. There is the center-of-cargo ship, and two other transporter ships. 

I'm donutsmasher, I post weekly spaceships! Stay tuned for more of my creations! My Lieutenant Commander ship is really close to a 100 supporters! If you are new here, please support the Lieutenant Commander ship. 

Well this is what I got so far. See you in the next one!

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