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Wizard101: Wizard City

Welcome to Wizard City!

This model is based off of the online game Wizard101, which was created in 2013. It contains several iconic scenes from Wizard City, including Golem Tower, the Fair Grounds, and Prospector Zeke’s market stand!

Set Details:

  • Model contains 610 pieces!
  • Model contains 7 characters: Wizard, Witch, Merle Ambrose, Baldur Goldpaws, Prospector Zeke, a Wooden Construct, and Gamma the Owl!
  • Golem Tower features four separate rooms, including a battle arena, Merle Ambrose’s office, a library, and an attic!
  • The Fair Grounds features colorful banners!
  • Prospector Zeke’s market stand features several purchasable items, including a gold stone, potion, and a teacup!

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