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Save the Earth!


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This project is as much if not more for you than the minifigures. There are 6 sections, each of which represents something different but with the same idea: Helping the Earth. 

Dark Green: This one simply shows a dam, solar panel, and windmill as a reminder of what could be done for the Earth to help it.

Green: This one represents not wasting water in the bathroom, be it when you're brushing, showering, or just washing your hands.

Light Green: This one shows walking (or biking, skating, etc.)  as opposed to driving, wherever possible, so as to avoid more pollution.

Dark Blue: This one shows saving and/or reusing paper wherever possible, because any thrown away paper is thrown away trees.

Blue: This one shows reusing plastic bags so you don't have to throw it away, or you could swap out the plastic bags for paper ones.

Light Blue: This one shows turning off lights (as well as fans and other appliances) when they aren't needed, so as to save electricity.

The mountain in the set can open up to show 36 red studs inside. These can be used with the five sections that show changes you can make (all but the reneweable energy one). All of these have a white 1x2 jumper plate in the corner, and its purpose is that each time you successfully do one of those, you put one red stud on that plate to show that you did it. At the end of a week you can put all the studs back in the mountain and do it again.

I truly believe that this could help people make a change, and in turn, help the Earth. It is also modular so you can rearrange it as you please. One thing you can do is take the modules and put them in their respective places (the green one on your bathroom sink, the light green one by your front door, etc.) so that they remind you to make these little changes each time you do those activities.

Please support this. After all, one person can make a difference, but 10,000 can make all the more difference.

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