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Canton Tower

Canton Tower is the fourth-tallest building in the world. This famous landmark located in Guangzhou, China. It has a height of 600 meters and is designed to last 100 years. Guangzhou Tower is positioned as a comprehensive facility for sightseeing and tourism, compatible with broadcasting and television transmission functions. It holds the Guinness World record for the tallest radio and television viewing tower in the world.

Canton Tower was designed by Dutch architect Mark Hemel and his wife Barbara Kuit. When Hemel talks about the inspiration for the Canton Tower, he says, "The rubber rope simulates the force line, which simply helps me express the concept of three dimensions. As I began to rotate the top ellipse, a complex shape appeared! I started to get excited, starting with this simple idea, and we developed it into a building".

Now you can see this famous building on your bookshelf! This model recreates the Canton Tower. It is 118 centimeters high and 32 centimeters wide, made by 1,227 LEGO parts. I like LEGO building very much, and Canton Tower is a famous building which close to me, so I selected this building and made it as a model. If you like this model, maybe I can get your vote, thanks a lot!

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