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Welcome to Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 75th Anniversary Set


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Story Behind The Idea:
This LEGO IDEAS submission wasn't originally designed for the purpose of submitting to LEGO IDEAS, but rather as a gift for my kids.
My kids love to read and they often reenact stories they read with their LEGO sets. We recently finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia series and I overheard my kids reenacting a version of the narrative - with a mix of their LEGO Friends & Elves sets. I was inspired by the creativity of their play to design and assemble a dedicated Chronicles of Narnia set and gift it to them.
The initial build comprised of the White Witch (Jadis), her assistant (Ginarrbrik) and her sleigh as well as Lantern Waste (the lamp post) and minifigures for Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, and the the faun (Mr. Tumnus).
When I gifted the set to my kids, they immediately asked if I could build them the magic wardrobe as well! The wardrobe was by far the most ambitious phase of the design as I wanted it to have fully functioning doors to allow minifigures to pass through it (since the set was intended to be played with). I also wanted to embody the stark contrast between the dull spare room (where the wardrobe sat) and the magical winter wonderland Lucy stumbled into.

Why Would This Make a Great LEGO Set?
First and foremost because it's kid tested and approved 😃…

...and on a more serious note, because this set has broad appeal to LEGO fans of all ages - from the budding young fantasy reader to the discerning LEGO collector. This set truly doubles as both a rich playable set and an intricately detailed display piece. The LEGO fantasy genre translates well for fans of many themes! The book has been translated into 29 languages and this timeless classic is well known internationally.
In addition, the 75th Anniversary of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1950) is rapidly approaching! Narnia has never been represented in a LEGO set, and I believe Narnia fans and LEGO fantasy fans alike will appreciate a solid addition to the genre.

~Now For The Details!~
The set contains 5 components, 8 minifigures, and 4 talking animals.

  1. The Wardrobe
  2. Lantern Waste
  3. The White Witch's Sleigh
  4. 1x Large Snow Covered Tree
  5. 1x Small Snow Covered Tree
Minifigures & Accessories:

  1. Jadis the White Witch - magic wand, hot chocolate, box of Turkish Delight, a black crow (the crows sided with the White Witch and served as spies)
  2. Ginarrbrik the Dwarf - a whip and dagger
  3. Tumnus the Faun - a red scarf, umbrella, and packages
  4. Lucy Pevensie - a sweater/cape, cordial, and dagger
  5. Edmund Pevensie - pajamas, fur coat, royal clothes & armor, sword, and shield
  6. Peter Pevensie - royal clothes & armor, sword, and shield
  7. Susan Pevensie - royal clothes & cape, longbow, quiver, and horn
  8. Father Christmas - fur coat & bag of gifts
  9. Aslan the Great Lion
  10. Mr. Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Beaver (I propose these be molded figures added to the set. I created versions with LEGO skunk molds, but didn't picture them here as they don't look right 😋)

The Wardrobe:
  • Fully functioning doors that swing wide open allowing minifigures to pass through to Narnia and back.
  • Custom designed decals to represent the carvings that appeared on the wardrobe.
  • A closet full of coats - some of which can double as the Pevensie children's royal clothes.
  • The gifts the children received from Father Christmas.
  • Three (3) hidden drawers containing:
  • Drawer 1 & 2: The magical green and yellow rings that acted as a portal between worlds in The Magician's Nephew. The significance being that these rings were buried at the base of an Apple tree that grew from an Apple core that was brought back from Narnia. The wood from the Apple tree was eventually used to build the magical wardrobe. The rings are mentioned again in the final book of the series The Last Battle - I thought it would be nice to place them in a drawer for safe keeping.
  • Drawer 3: Edmund's armor, sword, and shield. Edmund didn't receive a gift from Father Christmas but for the sake of maximizing playability, I outfitted him with royal armor from Aslan's camp.
  • A Custom Map of Narnia.
  • A Chronicles of Narnia the Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe mini-book complete with a picture of Lantern Waste and the first lines from the book.
The White Witch's Sleigh:
  • One (1) hidden compartment to store minifigure accessories.
~ I Would Love Your Support! ~
If you love Narnia, Fantasy & Fairytales, or simply appreciate the design & details in this set - I'd love your support! Also - please help me share this project with anyone you know who may also appreciate a Narnia LEGO set as I had no social media presence at the start of this project... so gathering support will be an interesting experiment! 😃

*Miscellaneous Notes:
Everything pictured was built with real bricks and with the colors that were available at the time of the build - there are certainly bricks I would substitute and minifigure designs I would alter if I had the ability to create any brick in any color.
A few examples:
  • The minifigure torso designs would benefit from some custom work and decals.
  • The Jadis minifigure needs an ice crown. The hair piece I selected for her looks great, but lacks an accessory hole.
  • The reindeer facial expressions should be more neutral.
  • Skin tones for Mr. Tumnus would probably look better than bright yellow.
  • Adding Mr. & Mrs. Beaver would add to the playability and versatility of the set - some people buy sets just for the unique critters!
  • Having magical rings in yellow and green would be a great easter egg to go in the hidden drawers.

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