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Working Full-Size Computer Commodore VIC-20

Commodore VIC-20 (VIC-20 for short) was my first computer in 1981. VIC-20 was the first 8-bit home computer released by Commodore Business Machines (CBM) and was sold during 5 years for 2.5 million units produced. This legendary computer was followed by the bestseller Commodore 64.

This computer had a MOS 6502 CPU and 3.5 KB RAM expandable to 27.5 KB. Operating system was Commodore BASIC 2.0 with video screen 22 columns x 23 lines with 8 colors. More than 800 games were available on cartridges / floppy disk and datasette.
Now let’s present my LEGO VIC-20:
- Scale 1/1 very close to original size with its measures in studs: 52 x 28 x 9
- Full working LEGO keyboards (66 independent keys really working by beam or half/beam flexion) colored black and yellow especially for “F” functions-keys
- Full original body LEGO design in white with red led on right top
- All ports are represented with many details: 1xATARI-style joystick, POWER, ROM cartridge, 2 video OUTPUT, serial 488 bus, Tape
- The LEGO motherboard includes all original chips and chipsets represented at the same place as the original: 6502 CPU, Expansion port, RAMs, system ROMs, Bus, RS-232C user port, power supply ….
- Number of parts: 2282
I hope you will appreciate this project, thank you for advance for your votes. All your comments would be welcomed and please also share it with everyone whom has nostalgy of 80’s computers and CBM products.

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