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The Forest Getaway Home

Welcome to The Forest Getaway Home,

Need some well earned rest and relaxation? do you crave a well hidden modern vibe woodland home that has creativity at every angle? This time were hiking a little further into the forest for that perfect getaway experience! Bring the pup's for a squirrel play date.

Our first base floor consists of 1x1 printed element paintings that deck the walls. Pixelated tiles accentuate the unusually designed staircase. A giant clock hangs just above the fire place. Ancient Egyptian tablets are displayed exquisitely, protected behind a front lit wall case that any collector would drool over. A size-able stereo system playing all the jams sits just behind the compact island kitchenette designed for cooking in an open floor plan.

A pup sleeps just under the stairs and there's a blanket for them. Squirrels inhabit the olive tree out front playing and sometimes causing shenanigans. The storage room with water and gas tanks and a full wash area/shower with a nice modern backsplash/full vanity have been designed with hands in mind as the walls were designed around this concept!

The second floor is where the bed and television rest along with a long dresser as well as a small drawer set behind the banister. Another huge art piece is seen above the stairwell. There are lamps up and downstairs that are designed with hats in place of traditional lamp shades and I hope that gives it a little unique touch.

Oh wait until you see the roof! It's also pitched to facilitate the tall window concept really captivating your eyes.
The beams that protrude from the structure were a must for creating this modern look of external supports.This project consists of about 2,370 pieces.

This getaway home is my version of a home I would love to have. Also presenting a motorcycle for taking those long rides with that special someone or just to feel the wind in your hair, a little garden with sprouts and flowers, want to roast some marshmallows by the fire pit? Head to the back area!

My project features 1 male and 1 female Minifigures, 1 Motorcycle, 1 dachshund pup, 2 squirrels, 1 salmon, utensils and minifigure accessories.

People always want to get away, and if my project makes the audience feel like they're taking a trip to an awesome getaway while they're building it, then this would be why I believe this could be a great LEGO IDEAS set!

As always, build on!


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